Entry Regulations

Visitors must be in possession of national passports or other internationally recognized travel documents, endorsed for travelling in Malaysia and with a validity period of at least six months beyond the time of stay allowed in Malaysia.

Visitors on social and business visit purposes are to be guided by the following visa requirements:

Visa Exemption:

No visas are required for citizens of Commonwealth countries (except Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka), British Protected Persons or citizens of the Republic of Ireland and citizens of Switzerland, Netherlands, San Marino and Liechtenstein.

Three Months Visa-Free Visit

Citizens of Albania, Austria, Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Republic of Slovakia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Morocco, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Spain, South Korea, Republic of Bosnia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Yemen are eligible for three months visa free visit.

One Month Visa-Free Visit

Applicable to citizens of ASEAN countries.

14-Days Visa-Free Visit

Citizens of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria are eligible for 14-days visa free visit.

7-Days Visa-Free Visit

Applicable to citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kirghizstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Romania, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Air travellers on transit (not exceeding 72 hours) are eligible for a visa-free visit. As regulations may change from time to time, it is advisable to check with the nearest Malaysian Embassy before your departure.

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